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To book your spot please click the link above. You will be directed to a site where you can choose your class, day, and time. To allow for the most members to take advantage of these classes we reserve the right to limit how many one person may take in a day. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to book your waitlist spot by phone  540.586.3483  

If we need to cancel classes for issues related to Covid-19 mandates or weather, we will reach out to those registered as soon as we
have that information.
All classes and times are subject to change.

New Classes!


As Ys around the world work alongside local governments and organizations during the pandemic, YMCA 360, the CMO Basecamp group, and the Open Y community are supporting each other with an amazing show of abundance and goodwill.

The YMCA 360 website is live with 60 on-demand exercise and kids classes and more on the way! Special thanks to the Greater Wichita YMCA, YMCA 360 Founders and Leadership team for making this fabulous community resource available so quickly.

YMCA 360 Founders and Leadership team:

  • Greater Wichita YMCA
  • YMCA of Charlotte
  • YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities
  • YMCA of Houston
  • YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties
  • Open Y
  • 4th Box (Y innovation team)
  • FiveJars (Open Y agency partner)


Personal Training

Did you know that we offer personal training sessions? Need that “extra push” to help you achieve the results you are looking for? The Bedford Area Family YMCA offers personal training sessions with certified personal trainers for $33.00 an hour or a package of 10 for $300.00. Please see Josh at the Bedford Y for more information.

We also offer a Fitpath, which is where a trainer shows you the basics of using the equipment in our fitness center! It is a great way to get started and make sure you are safe while exercising! And best of all, it’s including in your membership!

We also offer TRX exercise programs! You can learn how to use this great all in one workout machine by signing up at our Member Services Desk! And just like the Fitpath it is included in your membership.

Fitness Programs

Cardio Club

Did you know Cardio is good for your heart? Sign up for our Cardio Club and inspire good health for yourself and others! Count up you hours and make your way up to the ultimate rank of a Diamond Member over the year! If you reach at least the Steel Member Status you get a t-shirt at the end with your rank on it!

Cardio Club Ranks

  • Steel Member: 50 hours
  • Bronze Member: 100 hours
  • Silver Member: 150 hours
  • Gold Member: 200 hours
  • Platinum Member: 300 hours
  • Diamond Member: 400 hours

Cardio Club Rules

  • Club members are expected to track their own information and turn it in monthly.
  • Track time to the nearest quarter (1/4) hour. For example 30 minutes equals .5 of an hour, 15 minutes equals .25 of an hour.
  • We will consolidate your information and post updates monthly.
  • Any exercise that is in the Bedford YMCA which increases your heart rate into the cardiovascular training zone (55%-90% of maximum heart rate) qualifies.
  • Members hours will be tracked on a one year rolling basis, from the time your first turned in the chart.
  • Have fun with your exercise program! Do a large variety of cardiovascular exercises to keep it fresh

Skinny Santa

This fun program is all about keeping the weight off during the holidays! It begins the Monday before Thanksgiving and ends the Monday after New Year’s! You come in that first Monday and weigh in. You give our fitness staff your weight in a little box and you will start the program with a zero! Then the next Monday you will come in and weigh in again. Our fitness staff will put on the board that you have lost, gained, or maintained the same weight. For example, if you weigh in the first week at 130lbs and then the next week you weigh in at 129lbs, We would write -1 on the board! No worries on the actual weight numbers, only minimal staff will know it, and we won’t tell or we will end up on Santa’s Naughty List! The program is a great motivator to be conscious of what you eat through the holidays! To participate your just sign up in November before the first weigh in! 

It’s only $3.00 to sign up!

Wellness Room Age Guidelines

** Direct Adult Supervision – Parent/Guardian, who has been trained in proper and safe use of equipment by Y staff trainer, MUST be within arm’s reach of youth.

All members under 18 must go through training of proper and safe use of equipment with Y staff trainer!

Ages 7 & under may not use any of the equipment or machines in the adult fitness area.

Free Weight & Wellness Room Rules

  • No food or drink allowed on any equipment except for resealable water bottles.
  • Proper attire must be worn at all times in center. Proper attire is clothing that covers the midsection and chest, with no vulgar messages, and no sandals, open-toed shoes, or boots.
  • No profanity or inappropriate behavior allowed.
  • Please remove sharp objects in pockets or other items on clothing that could damage the upholstery.
  • Scheduled orientation are highly recommended for first-time users or new members to our facilities and required for those under 18.
  • All dumbbells, plates, and other accessory pieces must be returned to racks and weight trees after use. RESTACK YOUR WEIGHTS.
  • No dropping or throwing the weights at the end of the set. PLACE them on the floor or bench.
  • No one under the age of 15 allowed on equipment unless authorized by YMCA or Centra personnel. (See chart)
  • Proper use of the equipment enhances results and protect users from injury.
  • Always use a spotter when attempting to lift weight. (YMCA staff is available for assistance, please see the Member Services Desk for hours)
  • Please wipe down equipment seats, upholstery, and handles after each use.
  • The YMCA is not responsible for member’s/guest’s belongings. Locks are available to borrow at the Member Services Desk.
  • Please adhere to all other items as detailed on the YMCA Code of Conduct.
  • VIOLATION OF ANY OF THE ABOVE may result in membership termination and/or loss of privileges of the entire YMCA facility and programs.

Class Descriptions

Barre 101: This introduction Barre class focuses on strength and balance, as well as, connecting the mind and body. We will use small ranges of motion movements and include higher intensity cardio segments and weights for strength segments. The exercises will combine for a full-body workout!

Body Focus -Yoga/Barre: This variety class you will learn proper breathing technique used to calm the mind & re-energize the body.

Boot Camp: This workout program is a focused Interval Training done one minute at a time and one exercise at a time, back to back.

Chair Yoga: A gentle yoga class using a chair as a prop. Poses can be done standing, seated, or using the chair for support.

Cross Training Lite: This class will involve low impact movements designed to strengthen your heart and lungs. With weight bearing activities to improve bone density, balance, and muscle tone; this is a great class for the active older adult!

Evening Yoga: This evening yoga class is the perfect way to restore balance to the spirit, mind, and body, using breath and movement to release stress. Come wind down with us.

Flexible Strength and Stretch: This class involves total body movements that focus on muscular strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.   

Functional Strength Training: This class will focus on exercising several muscles and joints together giving you a stronger body to do daily activities better!

Greatest HIIT’s Kickboxing: This class is an MMA-inspired workout for a full-body workout all set to an awesome decade soundtrack. 

H.I.I.T. Class featuring TRX: Sign up to be one of 8 participants in each class the Sunday before. You will participate in a great all-inclusive exercise program that will challenge you with a mix of cardio, weights, and specifically our TRX.

Kickboxing: (TBD) This class is an MMA-inspired workout that will include a balance of cardio using various striking and kicking combos, body weight exercises, stretching and more, to give you a full body workout.

Middle Ground Abs: An intense abdominal workout. Focusing strictly on the midsection.

Power 45 H.I.I.T.: Join us and come experience this interval training cardio infused class with a variety of exercises. All fitness levels welcome!

Showcase Fitness Classes: (seasonal) From Kickboxing to Namaste come try a sample of various classes we have to offer. We will pick up to 4 classes and snip them into 15 minute intervals to fit into 1 hour. This is a great way to see what we have to offer.

Strength Infusion: This total body workout will focus on strength training using multiple types of equipment but also incorporating cardio, balance, and flexability.

Cycle: (TBD) This is an intense low impact cardio workout. Spin into climbs, sprints, jumps, and more.

Outdoor Tai Chi: (weather permitting) For people with or without arthritis, Tai Chi for Arthritis is a good way to start your journey to better health. It is an enjoyable and safe set of forms that delivers many health benefits.

Yoga Fitness:  This class is an effective and exciting mind and body workout, it combines aerobic and anaerobic movements with a flowing series of poses that create strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

Not all classes are offered year-round. Some are seasonal and some are taught based on attendance. If you have comments or questions about classes offered please see our Director of Health and WellnessAngie.