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Youth sports will be postponed Until Further Notice Due To Current Health Concerns, Click Here For More Information

3rd annual BSA 4X4 Futsal Tourney

Games are 24 minutes long in a 4×4 format. The games are played on 18×28 yard courts with 6 foot pop-up goals. Every team will play a minimum of 4 games. teams will be seeded based on their results from the first 3 games. Teams will be split into appropriate divisions based on age and ability level: Juniors division (2nd-5th grade), Middle Division (6th-8th grade), High School Division (9th-12th grade), and Open Division (adults and top high school teams). Players cannot play below their age group – 6th graders may not play in the Junior Division, 9th graders may not play in the Middle Division, etc. However, players are eligible to play in leagues above their age group if they choose.

The entry fee is $100 per team; teams are encouraged to roster at least 5 players. All proceeds go to the Bedford YMCA soccer programs.

OR TEXT 434.665.8263

For questions or further information please contact Eric Seckman at or 434.665.8263


Building Winners for Life

Spring Registration is the entire month of January! 

Fall Registration is the entire month of June!

Youth Indoor Soccer Registration is the month of November!

Tournament Soccer – year round as tournament permits

We have several age groups from ages 3 – 11, we may have a U15 team if we have enough to make a team!!! Each program is different ages.


The YMCA program is affiliated with the U.S. Youth Soccer Association, and follows their recommendations on field size and rosters. The current trend in soccer nationwide is toward smaller sided games with less specialization of players into set positions. There is less emphasis on competition and league standings and more emphasis on individual development and creativity. We want to create well-rounded players who love to play the game, hopefully lifelong. We teach children good sportsmanship and to be gracious winners and graceful losers. “It’s not whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game.”

Getting Ready

  1. Shinguards – required.  Inexpensive ones are available at Soccer Stop in Roanoke; Play It Again and Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lynchburg; and Wal-Mart in Bedford.
  2. Water – bring to each practice and game.
  3. Cleats or turf shoes: optional (but most children want them).  
  4. Ball – children should have their own ball for play at home and to bring to practice. Mark it with your child’s name!  U-6 and U-8 use size 3 balls, U-10 and U-12 use size 4 and U-13 up use size 5.

The Season

Practices will begin early August for U-10, U-12, and U-15 and will generally be 2 nights a week with games on Saturday; your coach will contact you regarding the schedule. Most coaches want players at the field 30 minutes before a game for warm ups and strategy sessions. Practices and games will begin for U8 and U6 around Mid to Late August in the Fall and Mid to March in the Spring. Practices and games will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for U6 and Mondays and Wednesdays for U8 from 6:00 – 7:00 at the YMCA, your coach will contact you. In case of bad weather the coach will determine if practice is to be held- the coach or team parent will try to contact you at home. Please give an alternate number if you want to be called elsewhere. Game cancellations are made by the Home Field Coordinator, who contacts the home coaches, who contact the teams, also you may go to to see if the fields you are playing on are open for U-10 and above. Schedules and directions to the fields are also provided on the website.

Each team needs a team parent to help the coach with communication and socialization.  Please volunteer!  It’s not hard, and it helps so much!  Duties: 1) distribute notices, 2) help with phone calls in case of practice or game changes or cancellations, 3) make a schedule for juice or snacks, and finally 4) contact parents about items for the end of season celebration.

The YMCA will provide the players with medals at the end of the season.  It is up to individual teams to decide whether or not to have an end of season “get-together”.  Get with your coach and team parent to decide what you would like to do.  If you would like to use any of the Y’s facilities (pavilion, ropes course, climbing wall, pool, gym) please contact Dwayne at the Y.  These must be reserved and excluding the pavilion, carry standard fees.


Dwayne Abbott, Bedford YMCA Sports Director
540.586.3483 or email at or 

Travel and Academy Soccer!

Introducing Bedford Soccer Association! We are happy to announce that we are partnering with BSA to offer Academy and Travel soccer programs for the area youth who want a more competitive experience. Tryouts will be held June 1st and 2nd 5:30-7:30 pm at Bedford Elementary School for travel players born between 2001 and 2009, and June 10th at 6:00 pm at the Bedford Area Family YMCA for Academy players born between 2010-2012. Academy fees will be $80.00 per season per player. Travel fees will be $250.00 per season per player. Bedford Soccer Association has applied to the Skyline Soccer League as well as academy teams scheduling games through the YMCA with other area teams. There will also be tournament opportunities for most teams. No tryout fees.