If you would like an end-of-the-year receipt for 2023 child care we can email one to you. We will not provide this for any account that is not in good standing. Please email Jessica at jreynolds@bedfordymca for your end-of-the-year receipt. 

School year 2023-2024

Please complete and return all registration forms and supporting documents to Vanessa Mitchum via email at [email protected] or fax to 540.587.5310

No registrations will be accepted if there is a balance on the account or paperwork is incomplete. 

If you have DSS subsidy you will need to sign and turn in the DSS rules form with your registration.

After school sites

After School Sites – ONLY – School Year 2023-2024 
(hours – dismissal until 6pm)


Bedford Elementary School (At the Bedford YMCA) **CONFIRMED SITE**
Bedford Primary School bused (At the Bedford YMCA) **CONFIRMED SITE**
Montvale Elementary School (At the Bedford YMCA) **CONFIRMED SITE**
Liberty Middle School (At the Bedford YMCA) **CONFIRMED SITE**


Goodview Elementary School (At Goodview Elementary School) **CONFIRMED SITE**
Stewartsville  Elementary School  (At Goodview Elementary School) **CONFIRMED SITE**


New London Academy **CONFIRMED SITE**


Boonsboro Elementary School **CONFIRMED SITE**

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School **CONFIRMED SITE**
Forest Elementary School (At Thomas Jefferson Elementary) **CONFIRMED SITE**
Forest Middle School (At Thomas Jefferson Elementary) 



Huddleston Elementary School – Unconfirmed. If you are interested int his site please contact Vanessa at [email protected]


The BAFY Kids’ Club is here to help you with your childcare needs.  BAFY Kids’ Club provides child care until 6 PM. Children ages 5-12, 4 at some locations, are welcome in our BAFY Kids’ Club program. We focus on homework time, games, crafts, outdoor play, and a nutritious snack each afternoon. Registration can be sent via email to Vanessa at [email protected] or dropped off for her at the Bedford YMCA.

The Bedford Area Family YMCA is committed to providing a safe, fun, and creative child care experience for school-aged children that will foster every child’s growth in the areas of self-worth, responsibility, self-expression, independence, and leadership. We have been providing quality child care for the families of Bedford County and surrounding counties for 25 years. We believe that hidden in the soul of a child, one can find some of the true treasures of life – generosity, sympathy, and kindness. Our PURPOSE in providing child care is to assist families in raising children into productive citizens through the growth and development of each individual. We achieve this by providing a safe environment that encourages children with nurturing, caring adults, to be who they are, yet challenging enough with quality curriculum, recreation and stimulation, to risk who they are for who they can become


Pricing for the 2023-2024 school yea

Payment Plan A – After School ONLY – Weekly

  • Registration fee is $40 per child and is for the FULL school year
  • Rates are $75 per week per child with auto pay, The weeks of 11/6/23 and 11/20/23 are $37.50 per week per child.
  • Non-Auto payments adds $5 per week per child
  • Payment is due by 6pm each Monday – in order to return the following week, 2 weeks of nonpayment will result in the removal of child from program
  • If you set up an auto payment it will be run on each Monday (unless discussed) for that week
  • Children covered by a Bedford YMCA membership have an additional discount

Payment Plan B – After School ONLY – Monthly

  • Registration fee is $40 per child and is for the FULL school year
  • After School monthly rate has a $10 discount per month per child – see below for months
    • August is $215, September, October, November, February, March, and May are $290, December is $140, and January is $365
  • Payment is due by the 1st of each month, if you set up an auto payment it will run on the 1st of each month (unless discussed) ·         
  • Non-Auto payments adds $20 per month per child
  • 2 weeks of non-payment will result in the removal of child from program.



There are no daily rates

If you need other arrangements please contact us at [email protected]

DSS payments are available at most locations. 

All registrations include attending Fun Days ($10) and Extra Days ($30). Fun Days and Extra Days are specific days when school is out available at the YMCA for any child registered in the ASP program running from 7am to 6pm (weather permitting). Please call 540.586.3483 to check on days that we are able to open if weather is a concern, if we are not then there will be no Fun Day that day. If your child plans on attending a Fun/Extra Day please let us know with as much notice as possible. On these days, children should bring breakfast and lunch, 2 snacks, sneakers, a swimsuit and towel, refillable water bottles, and smiles. Fun Days are $10 additional for the day as they have been worked into the overall cost of the program, Extra Days are days that have not been included in the overall prices for the school year such as Winter and Spring Break, and therefore are $30 per day. For children who register (must complete full registration/registration fees apply) for ONLY fun days, all days are $30. Please see below for a full list of offered days and prices.

$10 for full-time program children/$30 for children only registered for Fun Days

9/25/23         11/6/23          11/7/23          11/22/23          1/15/24        2/5/24


$30 all Winter and Spring Break Fun Days

12/19/23           12/20/23          12/21/23          12/22/23

4/1/24       4/2/24          4/3/24          4/4/24     


Remember to sign up for your child’s text alerts so that you can stay up to date with alerts for weather, closings, and more.


Financial Assistance

With the help from The United Way of Central Virginia financial assistance is available. View our Financial Assistance page for more information.

Please complete forms and either: Forms take up to 2 weeks for review. Please plan accordingly as we do not offer retroactive assistance.

Email to: [email protected]
Mail to: Bedford YMCA, PO Box 1026, Bedford, VA 24523

Fax to: 540-587-5310 Attn. Jessica


No forms will be accepted without proper documentation for the entire household. Households include all members who have an income of any nature. This includes state and federal benefits for SNAP and housing. If you have any questions please contact Jessica Reynolds.

EZ Text Alerts

We participate in EZ Texting to help communicate with our parents. Please text the proper keywords to 540.583.7676 to get notifications and alerts concerning your child’s After School Care. Please make sure to join the same site that your child is attending. The words are not case sensitive but you do need the space between the two keywords. You will receive a text back with a link to complete your registration, with your name, and a final confirmation that you are added to the list when done, you will not be added until the link is completed.

Bedford Elementary/Bedford Primary/Liberty Middle/Montvale Elementary 
bedfordymca bedfordsite

Goodview Elementary/Stewarstville Elementary
bedfordymca gessite

Boonsborrow Elementary
bedfordymca boonsite

New London Academy
bedfordymca nlasite

Thomas Jefferson/Forest Elementary/Forest Middle
bedfordymca tjsite3

After School Sites Phone Numbers

After School Program school year 2023-2024

Bedford YMCA – 540.586.3483 
New London –  540.871.0849
Goodview – 540.875.7408
Boonsboro – 540.875.9583
Thomas Jefferson – 540.874.4624