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“My children have blossomed since joining the Y Afterschool Program, so I was devastated when husband lost his job and I was forced to make the decision to remove them from the program, because we could no longer afford the fees.

I was in tears when I called the Child Care Director to explain our situation. I don’t know how she understood a word that I said through my sobbing, but somehow she did. She assured me that, of all the things I might need to worry about, this was not one of them.

Because we had always been able to afford the service, it never occurred to me that other children were privileged to participate because of generous members of our community. She assured me that my children would not lose this vital part of their lives while we struggled through this stressful time. THIS, at least, would remain normal.

I am thankful for the generous, compassionate people who find it in their hearts to reach out and lend their support in time of crisis.”

– Anonymous Child Care Participant Mom

Our Annual Campaign allows us to open our doors and hearts to all those in need. Our promise to our community is that everyone has access to the incredible programs and services that the Y has to offer regardless of their ability to pay.

This special promise is made possible by the generous contributions of our board, staff, members, and friends who believe that this access is paramount for many in order to achieve healthy living and positive growth and in this belief are compelled to contribute to our Annual Campaign.


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